Minutes of Wynnedale Town Council
January 11, 2023

Minutes of Wynnedale Town Council
January 11, 2023
The meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m.
Members present: Mary Beth Schneider, Andrew Hawickhorst,
Ann Hildner and Clerk-Treasurer Jarnell Burks Craig. Member
Sue Rice arrived soon after.
The minutes of both the November meeting and the December
emergency meeting (held to approve hiring a snowplow
contractor) were approved with no changes.
Jarnell Craig gave the treasurer’s report. It showed the total
deposits and balance for November/December in the town’s
checking and money market accounts to be $153,386.87.
Craig noted that the AES power bill has nearly doubled. In
addition, two new street lights that have been promised for the
northern side of Wynnedale have not been installed yet.
Currently there are 16 lights on the southern side and 6 in the
north. She has been attempting to contact AES, so far without
In other news, Craig is moving the town’s bank accounts from
Fifth Third to Huntington and is checking on whether any higher
interest accounts suit our needs.
She also informed the council that the state Department of Local
Government Finance had approved our hiring of a snow plow
contractor but with the work only for snows of 3 inches and
over, not 2 inches.

In Old Business: Craig said she attended two meetings with the
state on IT issues and cyber security. They asked that we move
the website to the indy.gov portal which will be free. The
council supported that unanimously.
The cell tower currently at the former DeHaan property on
Michigan Road — now owned by Restoration Hardware — also
was discussed. The International School had agreed to allow it
to be moved there, though residents of the Holcomb Estate
opposed the move. However, it may now stay at the Restoration
Hardware site after all.
Judy Gruber of 4204 Cold Spring Road attended the meeting to
update the council on the plans to convert part of the SerVaas
home on the grounds of the Fitness Farm at 2525 W. 44th Street
to a charter school. Gruber said she spoke with attorney Tim
Ochs who is helping in the effort to locate the school there. He
said a traffic study has been done. With an expected 140
students in grades K-8 arriving and departing at typical school
daytime hours the study found no expected impact on traffic. In
addition, the amount of land needing to be rezoned for the
school was reduced from 22.79 acres to 8.5 acres. There will
need to be school speed limit signs. A zoning hearing was
scheduled for Jan. 18.
The next Wynnedale council meeting was scheduled for 7 p.m.
Feb. 14 at the home of Jarnell Burks Craig, 4346 Hidden
Orchard Lane.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:52 p.m.