Wynnedale Town Council

The Wynnedale Town Council will meet tonight at 7 pm at the home of Clerk-Treasurer Jarnell Craig, 4346 Hidden Orchard Lane.


March 14, 2023, meeting
7 p.m. 4346 Hidden Orchard Lane
1) Call to order
2) Roll call
3) Approval of minutes from February meeting
4) Treasurer’s report
5) Old business
Includes: discussion of domain name, cost of street lights,
snow plow contract issues if any.
6) New business
Includes: discussion of dumpsters for town
7) Adjourn


Wynnedale Town Council
Meeting Minutes
February 14, 2023
Present: Council Members –Sue Rice, Ann Hildner and Andy Hawickhorst. Clerk-Treasurer Jarnell Burks-Craig.
Location – 4346 Hidden Orchard Lane

Next meeting: Location – 4346 Hidden Orchard Lane, March 14 th , 2023 @ 7:00pm
1. Meeting called to order by Ann Hildner at 7:17 – Mary Beth Schneider and Josh Smith not in
2. Approval of the Minutes – Motion to approve by A Hawickhorst, Seconded by Sue Rice
3. Treasurers Report / Budget Discussion
Burks-Craig reviewed entire 2022 income/expenses within Motor Vehicle Highway, Local Roads
and Streets….within LRS, expenses nearly doubled from 2021. Lights in South Wynnedale are
costing nearly 3-4 times greater than the cost per light in North Wynnedale. 14 lights in SW is
$214 and NW was $93….this in ’21 was closer to $170/mo total and now its been around
$320/mo. Burks-Craig is going to inquire and Sue Rice reminded everyone that we buy our own
lightbulbs so why is it so expensive. General Acct was similar to 2021 regarding
income/expenses with the exception of Covid Local Fiscal income of $56,097.55 in 2022. This
$56k is currently unallocated towards the budget but we have to spend before 2026. Currently
in our bank account is $153,386.87 (money market). We also have $56,097.55 in our checking
account plus roughly $8k. The approx. $8k is what is used to cover expenses and this the
balance that is receiving income from the state where as the Money Market is receiving income
from the city. Burks-Craig is still working towards changing bank relationship. AH reiterated the
importance of working towards getting a greater yield on the money knowing that there are
some money market, savings or even US Treasuries paying greater than 4%. Burks-Craig
indicated still waiting on info from IRS in order to have what’s needed to move to a new bank.
4. Old Business
Reiterating that the snow plow contractor may need reminded that they can’t plow until there
are 3” on the ground. Sue indicated she would like to find someone in the future who would
plow only at 4” minimum. Discussed what authority Council may have for situations for
unsightly vehicles in the yard and the struggle is to what actual enforcement we may have. It
was determined it’s likely our best bet to ask politely.
Jarnell was going to connect with Bruce regarding the domain name that our website could
adopt through indy.gov.
5. New Business

Wynnedale Town Council
Meeting Minutes, February 14, 2023
Page 2
Ann is going to put a sign in her yard saying “Drive as if your kids live here”. Sue talked with
Joan about the school and indicated that the school may no get started until the fall of ’24.
6. Meeting adjourned. Andy motioned to adjourned, seconded by Sue. Adjourned at 7:52.