Wynnedale Town Council

The Wynnedale Town Council will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday May
 9 at the home of Clerk-Treasurer Jarnell Craig, 4346 Hidden
 Orchard Lane.
 All Wynnedale residents are encouraged to attend.


Wynnedale Town Council
May 9, 2023 meeting
 1) Call to order and roll call
 2) Approval of April minutes
 3) Treasurer’s report
 4) Old business, including possible discussion of drainage issues
and possible update from Clerk-Treasurer Jarnell Craig on use
of federal funds.
 5) New business, if any
 6) Motion to adjourn


Wynnedale Town Council
Minutes of April 11, 2023, meeting
The meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m. with all council
members and clerk-treasurer present.
Minutes of March meeting were approved.
Clerk-treasurer Jarnell Craig reported the town had a bank
balance in February of $11,223.60. After deposits of $514.62 of
local roads and streets funds plus $836.17 of motor vehicle
highway distributions, the town had total balance in March of
That does not include $56,097.55 in American Rescue Plan
funds from the federal government. Craig is ensuring the town
can legitimately use those funds before committing them to
Wynnedale street paving.
The town had expenses of $1,562, leaving a checking balance in
March of $11,012.39.
The town’s money market fund had a balance of $154,975.46
after deposits of $529.20.
In old business, it was verified that dumpsters would be
available to Wynnedale residents April 22 and 23.
Water for the esplanade was to be turned on May 1.
In other business, Sue Rice expressed concern about drainage on
Wilshire going across the road, potentially damaging pavement.
She says the city fixed drainage on Knollton, and hopefully
could assist in this.

The public area mowing also was discussed, with Sue Rice
asking that the contract call only for mowing Sleepy Hollow
three times rather than five.
In new business, Bruce Ranger took cyber security training for
the town’s website.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 p.m.