Wynnedale Town Council

Wynnedale Town Council

Agenda June 14, 2022

7 p.m. Fitness Farm, 2525 W. 44th Street.


1) Call to order


2) Roll call


3) Approval of May minutes


Wynnedale Town Council
May 10, 2022 minutes

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m., all members present.
No other town residents attended.

Jarnell Burks-Craig gave the treasurer’s report showing a total
deposits in checking of $10,293.97 and money market balance
of $135,029.24.

Asked about the American Rescue Plan distribution Wynnedale
received of $27,815.74, she said it likely will have to be returned
as the town did not have expenses that met the criteria even
though the distribution had been approved earlier.

In old business, the town’s snow plow needs were discussed and
members agreed to seek other options in the event Josh Darring
of 4275 Knollton Road, who does the lawn care for public areas
in Wynnedale, is unable to or chooses not to.

Also, the need for new gravel on the path through the bird
sanctuary and in front of the Little Library was discussed.
In new business, the council discussed the State Board of
Accounts audit which found that all balances were correct, with
no funds missing, but criticized some of the online records-
keeping, asking that the info be downloaded to Gateway. Jarnell
Burks-Craig said she had followed the advice from the state
Department of Local Government Finance. Being a very small
community with no town hall, no paid staff other than the very
small stipend paid to our treasurer, she had been told that as long
as records were available we were good.

This raised questions as to whether Wynnedale should continue
to remain a town or instead dissolve to fully be part of Marion
County governance. The town could instead form a
neighborhood association, akin to Meridian-Kessler. One
downside discussed would be whether the city would try to
extend Knollton Road, which currently is closed at the bird
sanctuary. The council agreed to continue to explore what
unincorporation would mean, both pros and cons. No action
would be taken without a full public hearing getting input from
any and all Wynnedale residents who want to weigh in. Then the
council would have to vote, and the city would have to decide
whether it wanted to absorb Wynnedale.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:51 p.m.


4) Treasurer’s report


5) Old business, including update on gravel on bird sanctuary path and Wynnedale’s distribution from the American Rescue Plan. Also any further discussion of whether Wynnedale should remain an incorporated town within Marion County UniGov.


6) New business


7) Any public comment on these or other issues


8) Set date for next meeting


9) Adjourn.