Wynnedale Town Council

The Wynnedale Town Council will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday, September 13th at the Fitness Farm, 2525 W. 44th Street.

All Wynnedale residents are encouraged to attend as we will discuss the budget for 2023.

1) Call to order.

2)Approval of minutes from August meeting.

3) Treasurer’s report

4) Discussion of budget for 2023

5) Old business

6) New business other than budget

7) Adjourn


Wynnedale Town Council

Meeting Minutes

August 9, 2022


Council Members – Mary Beth Scheider, Sue Rice, Josh Smith and Andy Hawickhorst.  Clerk-Treasurer Jarnell Burks-Craig.  Ann Hildner not in attendance

Next meeting:

Location – Fitness Farm, September 13th, 2022 @ 7:00pm

  1. Meeting called to order by Mary Beth Schneider – Ann Hildner not in attendance


  1. Treasurers Report / Budget Discussion

Jarnell reviewed June/July income and expenses.  Key Bank balance – $7,357.75.  Money Market – $143,220.69.  Discussion of the budget will be Tuesday, 9/13 and adoption of budget on 10/11. Budget estimate is currently temporarily approved. Still no bid for snow removal. Potentially Ben with FF, but he needs a plow. Need to talk with Joan since Ben is employed by her. Andy asked questions on how/when we add line items to the proposed budgets – This will be done at the next meeting.  Town brings in roughly $20k per year. We have a budget for $93k but normally only spend $53k/yr. Josh suggested a follow up meeting later in September if we need to discuss more on the budget prior to the vote/approval in October. With the estimated budget we can recategorize items but can NOT change the total dollar amount.  

ARP Supplemental Distribution of $27,815 but this is only half of what we are supposed to receive.


  1. Old Business

Survey of the neighbors about speed bumps – Josh and Andy gave a report about feedback we received. We agree we needed to zoom out for a bigger survey of other ideas, not just speed. Survey monkey of other topics. It was asked how we inform individuals of the meeting.  Josh’s suggestion is table until the next meeting, ask those at the meetings for ideas while discussing budget ideas, and then be able to take those ideas to use for a potential survey to the town.

Idea of social media for the town, instagram, Facebook. Wanna (sp?) suggested and is willing to email all town residents, is getting email list from Bruce Ranger. Sue confirmed she’s finalizing the directory to be able to help Wanna with contact. 


  1. New Business

Wynnedale lights are SUPPOSED to be serviced by AES and 811 says they won’t mark our electricity because we aren’t members. Jarnell is going to provide our code so we should then be recognized so when 811 is called they then should come and mark lines.  Adjournment

Meeting adjourned. Josh motioned, seconded by Mary Beth